Greetings IRWA Members,

Please remember that all expenses for the 2019 Annual Education Conference must be submitted within 30 days of the expense, as found in the guidelines:


Expense claims for reimbursement must be received by Headquarters within 30 days of the  expense. Claims received after 30 days will be forwarded to the IEC for approval and may be  delayed until such time as they are approved. Conference-related expenses must be received by the end of the month following Conference, or the expense will be reflected in the next fiscal year’s financial report.

Attached are links to the updated IRWA U.S. and Canadian Expense Forms (Forms) to be used  by all IRWA members for any authorized out-of-pocket expenses incurred when conducting  approved activities for and on behalf of the IRWA.

Form Travel Expense – US Funds

Form Travel Expense – Cdn Finds


A motion was approved during recent International Governing Council (IGC) meetings held on May 7th and June 8th, which requested the ability to gather, track and report the purchases of alcohol back to the Membership. Both of the aforementioned forms now have this line item category available for your reporting as a direct expense. Additionally, when you (the traveler/expense preparer) have purchased items for others, you may identify those purchases  under the “Travelers Expense Other Than Self” area.

Clarification to the Expense Guidelines at the bottom of each Form have also been provided.

Business Travel Expense Statement

The IRWA Expense Statement Form is used to request reimbursement by all travelers. The CEO will ensure that all reimbursement requests are reviewed and paid in a timely manner. Should there be any questions, the International Treasurer will contact you. The approved expense statement will remain on file for review by auditors and the IRS, if requested. Region Vice Chairs, Committee Vice Chairs and members must submit Expense Statements to their respective Chairs for approval before submitting them to Headquarters for payment.

When traveling with staff, a co-worker or a companion, please provide a detailed explanation of all costs associated with them (These amounts are included in the “Nature of Business” expense section).

The “Travelers Expense Other Than Self” section is to help track expenses, ensuring that multiple payments are not incurred by the Association and will not be calculated in the Total Amount to be paid. These items will be paid to you (the traveler/preparer) of the Form when included in the “Nature of Business” section.

If you have any questions regarding these forms or any expenses you may have, please contact a member of the Finance Committee or Rakhshan Mazarei, CFO

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