Dear IRWA Region 2 members:


The International Governing Council (IGC) developed a Governance task force to review the current IRWA governance model and review suggested governance changes presented during the 2018 IRWA Educational Conference. By a motion on Sept 15, 2018, the IRWA’s International Governing Council voted unanimously to pause the Governance Project and postpone the Board of Directors vote in Portland 2019, in order to create a Governance Task Force (GTF) to review the process.

The GTF includes 10 region reps, the IEC as ex-officio members, and a staff liaison. For the past eight months, the GTF members have worked together to gain an understanding of the goals and objectives of the Governance project and to study all of the Governance project documents including the ones produced by Tecker International.  Soon we will be reporting to the IGC with our findings and recommendations.

 In two days you will receive an electronic survey.  This survey is intended to give you an opportunity to weigh in on important issues regarding the IRWA Governance project.  Your participation in this survey is important to the success of any future governance project or to determine if there is a need for a governance project at all. 


When you receive the electronic survey, please take a couple of minutes to answer the questions so that your voice is heard.  If you don’t see the email in two days, please check your spam folder.


My best to you,


Kim Hiebert, SR/WA

IRWA Region 2 GTF Representative

Governance Task Force Survey


The Governance Task Force held meetings May 22, 2019 and June 10, 2019. See the links below for the minutes from those meetings.

Govenance Task Force Minutes: 05-22-19

Govenance Task Force Minutes: 06-10-19

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